Medicare Part D in Michigan

Medicare Part D in Michigan

Medicare Part D is a federal program that became available in Michigan in 2006. The purpose of Part D is to provide prescription medications at an affordable rate for Michigan residents who are enrolled in Medicare.Before Medicare Part D was implemented, people on Medicare generally had to pay out of pocket for all prescription medications, and that can get extremely costly.

In Michigan, similar to a Medicare Supplement Plan, Medicare Part D is an add-on that you have to specifically choose to enroll in. It’s highly recommended that everyone take advantage of this add on because the cost of some prescription medications in Michigan can be very steep.

What Exactly Does Part D Cover in Michigan?

A Medicare Part D prescription drug plan covers most retail prescription drugs available in Michigan, as well as some vaccines. Part D provides coverage for most drugs in the following categories: 

  • Anti-psychotics
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-convulsants 
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Cancer medications 
  • HIV/AID drugs 

While Plan D offers a lot of coverage, it’s important to know what isn’t covered. For example, in the state of Michigan Medicare does not require coverage in Plan D for the following medications:

  • Barbituates 
  • Cough syrups or medications to treat colds
  • Prescription vitamins 
  • Fertility or erectile dysfunction drugs
  • Drugs for cosmetic reasons, like hair or nail growth 
  • Drugs for weight loss, weight gain, or anorexia 
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Compound medications

In Michigan, some companies offer coverage for medications that are not required to be covered by Medicare, so choosing a Part D plan wisely can save you money.

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